Monday, June 8, 2015

June 2, 2015 
Our time here is closing rapidly.  Emails such the following we receive from our missionaries.  He is Brazilian and speaks really good English so he wrote to me in the English words that he knows.  These words are very special to President and I as it summerizes our time here, our Mission Service, and the past 3 years.

Dear Sister Reber,
Thanks for everything, I'll miss you a lot, you are like a Mom to all of us. This transfer will be the last transfer you will receive photos of houses. We are really grateful for your effort and love to us. I'll never forget you and all your help and care to us. I always say to the people, YOU ARE AWESOME.  Thanks for sharing your strong testimony with us. I love the history of your great-grandfather (I think he is). Thanks for all the banana bread, I will probably miss it more than you hahaha Just kidding. You're like a Mom to me. I love you and President Reber a lot, when I move to Provo i will visit you all. One more time, Thanks for everything, I love you.   Love,    Your (almost) son,   Elder William.

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